Aloha! Thank you for your interest in Pacific Birth Collective! Please use this contact form to let us know your ideas and thoughts about how PBC can serve our community, your family and/or your business!

At the heart of Pacific Birth Collective is a virtual community center based on the premise that pre-conception, pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period are milestone events in the continuum of life. These experiences profoundly affect babies, mothers, fathers, and families, and have important and long-lasting effects on society. As our membership grows we anticipate the ability to co-create and promote family-friendly businesses, support practitioners and care givers that advocate and advance the cause of family-friendly care, provide free to low-cost services to underserved communities and encourage our members to call for events and educational offerings that bring families together and foster strong connections in our island neighborhoods.

    A special thanks to Pasha for contributing her beautiful photography.