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Education, support and advocacy for births and wellness choices across Hawai'i

Advocacy In Hawai'i 

We are a community-based non profit organization birth & wellness choices across Hawai'i. This includes supporting the choices of Birthing People to access a full range of reproductive services including the right to choose where and with whom we give birth. 

Protection for Cultural Midwifery 

Evidence shows that access to Midwifery care improves health outcomes for all Birthing people and their children. We support women and Birthing peoples right to discern for themselves what experience and educational pathway is right for them when choosing a Midwife or Birth Attendant.  For this reason we support a Birth Attendant Licensure Exemption for Hawaii Revised Statue - HRS 457-J.

What's at stake?

Women will choose to birth where and with whom they want regardless of whether midwifery is legal.  To improve safety of birth in Hawai'i Pacific Birth Collective supports expanded collaboration between medical organizations and diverse independent care providers. 

Hawai'i 2023 Legislative Action:

HB955  and Companion bill SB1047  were introduced in 2023 with overwhelming support.  HB955 received over 1200 supportive testimony and passed successfully through the House Committee on Health and Consumer Protection.  Unfortunately it stalled in the House Finance Committee.   SB1047 was not introduced in the 2024 session. 

Since these are BIENNIUM Bills (Two-year term of legislative activity), these Bills will pick up where they left off at the Beginning of the next legislative session in JANUARY 2024.   Stay tuned for 2024!

Follow Hawai'i Home Birth Collective for further info on Action for 2023 

New to Midwifery? Learn the basics and more about the Midwifery legacy here in Hawai'i

In Support of Midwifery Exemption:

Over 1300 public and organizational testimonies

  • Hawai’i Department of Consumer Affairs, DCCA: verbally testified in support of permanent exemption of Birth Attendants & verbally testified they would enforce regulation of Birth Attendants.

  • North American Registry of Midwives, NARM: the certifying body for licensed midwives in Hawai'i as defined in HRS457-J

  • Papa Ola Lokahi, supporting the exemption since no Kupuna Council has yet to be formed in protection of Native Hawaiian Practitioners

  • Maui County Council, Resolution 23-28

  • Mayor Bissen, Maui County

  • Hawaiʻi County Council, Resolution 57-23

  • Kauai'i County Council, Resolution 2023-31

  • American College of Nurse-Midwives, ACNM, Hawai’i Chapter
  • United Nations

  • National Aboriginal Council of Midwives, NACM

  • 32k + Women and families around the world who have signed our petition!

Sample Testimony

To Hawai'i 2023 Legislators,

I am _________________.  I support HB955, Sovereign's Law RELATING TO CHAPTER 457J, HAWAII REVISED STATUTES.  (This is important to me because ____________. )

Access to Midwifery care improves health outcomes and safety for all Birthing people and their children.  I support continuation of the Birth Attendant exemption and the addition of the Portfolio Evaluation Process (PEP), certified by the National Association of Registered Midwives (NARM)  to be included in HRS 457-J as written in SB1047 and HB955. 

These exemptions allow for the profession of Midwifery to continue to grow in equitable ways, allowing accessibility, diversity, cultural and religious freedom for Hawai’i.

After July 2023 the temporary exemption is set to expire, criminalizing Midwifery practitioners who are filling a vital need in our communities. I support the sovereignty of Midwifery to continue through traditional apprenticeship pathways in Hawai'i.

The perpetuation of community-based apprenticeship for the training of Midwives is essential for safety and equitable access to Midwifery care for all people, especially Black, Indigenous and Women of Color families today and for future generations. 

Please Support Birth Attendant Exemption and the Portfolio Evaluation Proccess (PEP) for Hawai'i.  Support maintaining active pathways for the perpetuation of traditional practices of health and healing in our communities. 

Documents of Community Wide Support:

Ua Ola Loko I Ke Aloha

ʻōlelo noʻeau, Mary Kawena Pūkuʻi #2836

love gives life within

Education, Support, and Advocacy for Birth and Wellness Choices Across Hawai'i

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