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the three states of Sleep are:


I'm tired!

Light Sleep:

...I'm Dreaming

Deep Sleep:

....You can lay me down now.

A baby's Sleep cycle is 30 minutes long.  This means that around this time your sleeping baby will start to show signs of waking up or light sleep in the video below.  If they experience gentle rhythmic soothing and no stimulation they can go back to sleep.  

An adult has a 90 minutes sleep cycle, so team up mommies and daddies.   If you and your partner are not getting at least two full cycles of uninterrupted sleep in a night things are going to feel very daunting!

All about Crying 

I'm done now, I need calm soothing repetition

I really need you right now! 

Recognizing those Hunger Signs

I'm hungry! 

Older baby ~  I'm hungry! 

I'm not hungry, I need something else. 

Be a Baby Whisperer!

What is baby trying to tell you?

Recognizing your babies signs and cues can be confusing, especially when your sleep deprived!    The following videos of real babies can help us start to recognize six universal signs of Baby Activity and Sleep so that we can start learn to anticipate our babies needs.  

The three awake states are: 

Quite Awake:

I'm taking it all in

Active Awake: (moving towards Crying)

I love you but this takes a lot of work

Crying: (Overstimulation)

There is too much happening right now!

It takes a lot of energy for a baby to engage and take in all the new sensory information.  Recognizing when your baby starts to Disengage will help you to transition your baby into a gentle restful sleep. 

Help... What is My baby trying to tell me?

Explore Videos decoding the 'Secrets of Baby Behavior'

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