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Birth doula mentorship

Pacific Birth Collective’s Birth Doula Mentorship Project!

Pacific Birth Collective is committed to helping new doulas succeed in any way we can! We believe that the more doulas we have, the more families will choose them for their births. To be included in the program, the Intern must have attended some variety of doula training and become a member of Pacific Birth Collective. To be a Mentor, you must be an experienced birth attendant, a member of PBC and have attended enough births to have a good understanding of what a beginning doula might need assistance with. Mentors and Mentees do not have to be on the same island, if both parties agree to a working model of distance mentorship.  

The benefits for the Mentor in our program includes:

  • The satisfaction of assisting with a dynamic model of learning.
  • More advertising for your business as PBC publicizes updates about the program.
  • PBC profile upgrade to reflect your generous commitment to mentoring, for however long you choose to mentor.


  • Attend interviews with the intern’s prospective clients, along with the intern, and explain the mentorship program and the mentor’s role to prospective clients. (You can request a mentor fee for this, which may or may not be obtained only if the prospective client hires the mentee.)
  • Provide a written description of the Pacific Birth Collective mentorship program and your services as the mentor.
  • Help the intern plan for prenatal and postpartum meetings based on the needs the client expresses during the interview and follow-up with the intern.
  • Review each meeting with the intern to clarify what went well and if there are additional client needs.
  • Be available to both the intern and the client for phone consultation throughout pregnancy and for 6 weeks postpartum. Clients will be encouraged to contact the intern unless they feel that they need further assistance.
  • Be available for phone consultation for the intern or her back-up doula throughout the birth.
  • Review each birth to clarify what went well, what tools were utilized, review questions, and discuss postpartum needs of the client.
  • Be available for additional client sessions, before or after birth, for an additional fee to be paid by the client or the intern at the intern’s discretion. Interns are always welcome at all sessions.
  • Provide a written review or reference that intern can bring to prospective clients.

These are only guidelines and the Mentor has final say as to how the Mentorship will proceed.

Become a Mentor


  • Affiliation with Pacific Birth Collective. Interns will have a profile on the PBC website that indicates you are a verified participant in our Mentorship Program. Business cards may be purchased by mentee with PBC logo on them. Clients may have greater confidence knowing you are working with our established collective of experienced practitioners.
  • Prospective Client Referrals: There is no guarantee of referrals, but an effort will be made to encourage prospective clients to consider Pacific Birth Collective mentees.
  • Brainstorming and business advice with an experienced birth attendant.
  • Personal advice, counsel, and coaching as you gain birth experience.
  • Firsthand experience with the business-side of a successful practice.



  • Attend interviews with prospective intern clients, answer client questions, and explain personal experience, skills and services.
  • Provide written client materials and a contract for services (if you choose to use a contract).
  • Conduct a minimum of one prenatal and one postpartum meeting with the client, attendance at their birth, and phone and email support throughout pregnancy and 6 weeks postpartum.
  • Work in a volunteer or outreach capacity for Pacific Birth Collective. Ideas include attending any of our Leadership Meetings and offering assistance on whatever projects are happening and developing or coordinating a class to offer the Maui community at one of our Village Meetings.
  • Offer any appropriate work trade or expense reimbursement so as not to drain your mentor.


Become an Intern

Once an Intern is accepted into the PBC Mentorship Program, a list of prospective Mentors will be provided and it is up to the Intern to request an interview, which may be held on the phone or in person. Acceptance by a Mentor is not guaranteed, it will depend on the number and availability of Mentors in the Program.

Interns are encouraged to charge for their services, but may choose to volunteer for their first birth or two.

Suggested rates for Interns and Doulas according to experience are:

  • New Doula (1-5 births) $0 – $300
  • Tier 1 (6-15 births) $300 – $600
  • Tier 2 (15-50 births) $600 – $900
  • Tier 3 (50+ births) $1000 – $1500
  • Montrice (100+ births + basic midwifery care) $1500 +

Any questions about Pacific Birth Collective’s Birth Doula Mentorship Program can be emailed to This is a volunteer program and PBC is not held liable for any birth doula work provided by its members. The families who choose to work with both our Interns and Mentors do so at their own choice, and no information given is intended to replace the advice given to the pregnant family by their OB or Midwife.

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