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The Pacific Birth Collective would not be in existence today without the countless volunteer hours by those that serve as part of the Volunteer Council.  The Volunteer Council has and always will remain open to anyone who is interested in helping us further our mission. If you have a passion project you want help with, we are happy to discuss how it fits with our mission and how we can best support you. Passion is what drives us.


We are all working, mothering, and full-on adulting while also volunteering our time to see this platform, network, and resource nourish and grow. We ask that you commit to monthly meetings (usually 1.5 to 2 hrs) and to hold a position in a particular area (such as events, social media, website updates, emails, etc). In addition to the monthly meetings, you will likely have around 1-4 hours per month of volunteer work depending on how far you want to see something grow and depending on what role you have taken.

We understand that there is a natural ebb and flow to everyone's life and that you will be able to give more at different stages. That's ok :) we are all in the same boat. We just ask for communication on when you are needing to take a step back so that we can look for additional support to fill your role. 

If you are interested, please email us at or message us on Instagram or Facebook to connect in.

Current Volunteer Council Members

*Note updates are made periodically and some current volunteer council members may now be inactive. Last updated August 2020.

  • Jami Lehman
  • Bailey Spry
  • Pahnelopi McKenzie
  • Lisa Fulcher
  • Wyatt Piro
  • Mariah Strong
  • Kiana Rowley
  • Sonya Niess
  • Sophia Bilikopf
  • Tessa Mancini
  • Aleshannee Akin

Previous Volunteer Council Members

  • Kristina Statler
  • Mackenzie Eason
  • Kathe Gibbs
  • Lora Casco
  • Haley Callahan
  • Jessika Laufenberg

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