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Pacific Birth Collective

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Pacific Birth Collective

  Island of Maui

Education, Support, and Advocacy for Birth and Wellness Choices Across Hawai'i

THE Community Doula Project 


Seeking extra support for your birth? 

Having a doula can help you have a more positive birth experience and transition into parenthood. PBC's Community Doula Project makes doula support accessible to families in need. Families in the program will receive doula care at no cost. 


Are you a family in need of birth or postpartum support? Can you demonstrate financial and/or circumstantial need?

If so, apply here. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. 

Chosen families, please select your doula from the list below and contact them directly for availability.

A doula is a professional labor assistant who provides physical and emotional support for pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. There are typically two types. A birth doula helps prepare you for childbirth and accompanies you (and a partner if one is present) during labor. Birth doulas are not medical professionals and do not perform medical assessments or procedures, and only attend births at the hospital or at home with a midwife present. A postpartum doula does not accompany labor but instead cares for you and your family during the postpartum period (with things like meal prep, childcare, and nursing assistance).


Chosen families, please select a birth or postpartum doula from the list below. Contact them directly for availability by clicking on their directory listing.

Makalani Franco-Francis

Birth & Postpartum Support        

My name is Makalani Franco-Francis.  I am born and raised on Maui, a home birth mom of three keiki and a home birth assistant to the midwives of Sisterhood Midwifery. My excitement surrounding birth began with the birth of my daughter and has continuously grown. I have been a hula practitioner for 26 years. I am a Hawaiian Studies student at UHMC as well as a student of traditional healing practices. I love contributing to the empowerment of ohana and community through birth and aloha ʻĀina and I am honored to be a part of the Pacific Birth Collective.

Contact info for Maka here

Dani Langevin

Birth & Postpartum Support

I'm so excited that you're considering a doula for your birth, postpartum, or both! I provide birth doula services to families all around Maui for both home and hospital births, as well as postpartum doula services for families in South and Central Maui. I am extremely grateful to the families who choose to bring me into their family during such a vulnerable and transformational time.

Contact info for Dani here

Alysha Higgins

Postpartum Support

Alysha is a mother of 2, homebirth mother, mover, and bodyworker. She is available for birth support and also offers "mother-centered" postpartum care to mothers which includes bodywork, nutrition support, and warming therapies. As an INNATE postpartum practitioner, she teaches an educational series on the postpartum period.  Alysha's cultural/ancestral background in Indian practices of postpartum care from Trinidad and Tobago informs her perspective and ways she provides care- specifically focusing on culturally centered postpartum care. She is grateful to serve the people of Maui as a community doula.

Contact info for Alysha here.

Pahnelopi McKenzie

Birth & Postpartum Support

I am a home birth mother and caregiver for over 25 years. I am passionate about collaborative community based care that provides informed and accessible service to families. I have a deep reverence for Midwifery care, Birthing people, plants, and innate wisdom that is carried in the body. The support services I offer are rooted in genuine respect, reverence, and reclamation of your unique needs as a growing family. I would be honored to support you in your journey of pregnancy , birth, and postpartum time. I offer care island wide and flexible times day or night.

Contact info for Pahnelopi here.

Anna Diego

Birth & Postpartum Support

I am passionate about mother care with a focus on preparing for a calm, compassionate and nourishing pregnancy and birth. I stress the importance of the postpartum period where the mother’s health is the foundation of the family’s. I am very comfortable in both a home birth setting as well as hospital settings- I myself have experienced a birth without interventions as well as an emergency Cesarean. My husband and I have two young boys and we love Brazilian Jui-Jitsu, swimming, fishing and hunting. I enjoy making teas and herbal preparations and foods for our own apothecary as well as for moms in our community here in Hana.

Contact info for Anna here.

Jami Lehman

Birth & Postpartum Support


I am a grateful mama of 2 kids, and our family lives in Upcountry Maui. I have a love for and thrive in working with families as they prepare for birth, the transformation to parenthood, and their postpartum journey. I have been a birth and postpartum doula for 6 years and My doula training was obtained through Birth Arts International. My postpartum doula training was with PBC and I have completed a 3 day Spinning Babies course. I am constantly pursuing educational opportunities and experiences to further my knowledge, and to be able to better serve our community.

Contact info for Jami here.

Megan June

Postpartum Support

Newborn Nanny, Night-Nanny, Postpartum Doula. Infant, Child, and Adult CPR certified Offering Day & Night Newborn care. Whether you need more sleep during the night or help during the day. I offer loving, educated, and customized care for you and your family. As a professional newborn nanny I am trained and knowledgeable in normal newborn behavior, healthy sleep practices and sleep conditioning, breastfeeding, baby-wearing & soothing techniques.

Contact info for Megan here.

Candace Angel-Franco

Birth and Postpartum Support


Aloha beautiful families! Each birthing person should feel empowered during their labor. When a birthing person is truly supported, they're able to experience the beauty that’s in birth. As a birth doula, it’s my role to make sure the birthing person feels safe, comforted, and confident. By doing so, the birthing person is able to experience how magical childbirth can be.  

My role as a doula is simple, I’m there to help. I massage, I do breath work, use essential oils, cook, clean, whatever it is that helps each family transition into parenthood or life with a newborn. The postpartum period is a time when the birthing person needs to be cared for and supported the most. They should take time to rest, heal, and be well fed. It brings me joy to use my passion for fresh, organic, and locally sourced ingredients to nourish families during postpartum. If you think I might be a good match for your family, I would be happy to get to know each of you. With love, Candace. 

Contact info for Candace here.

Mary Jane Bennett

Birth Support

DONA certified, CPSS IBCLC LCCE ECE. I am an Internationally Trained and Certified Birth Doula, Perinatal Support Specialist, Childbirth/Breastfeeding Educator, and Lactation Consultant  I appreciate being considered to be your Birth Doula. I am a Mother of Four, and a Combat Veteran Spouse. I am very grateful to serve the Birthing Ohanas of Maui County. I have been an Internationally Certified Doula on Maui for over 18 ears, caring for 'ohanas of all walks of life. Through my own four birth experiences and one miscarriage before my fourth baby was born, and being a Maui Birth Doula for over 180 births, I have realized how important it is to feel secure in the care provided in the labor and birthing space environment. I have come to know, that when a Mother feels safe, heard, well informed and cared for with compassionate empathy and a kind listening heart throughout the process of labor and birth, makes a huge difference in preserving a positive memory, and having greater satisfaction with her Labor and Birth experience overall. I help create a calm, peaceful environment during labor and birth whether at Home or Hospital. I truly believe, “There is no right or wrong way to labor and give birth, only each individual unique woman’s way to labor and give birth in her own intuitive way and time.”  

Contact info for Mary Jane here.

Mariah Strong

Birth & Postpartum Support

Mariah is a co-founder of Pacific Birth Collective. She was born and raised in Haiku, Maui. Her mom, Kadi Mourningstar, is a home birth midwife, she was brought up surrounded by all things natural pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She moved to Northern California in 2009 and started an organic restaurant with her husband, further learning about health and nutrition. She attended an advanced doula and midwifery training in 2013. Which sparked multiple apprenticeships over the years in both Maui and California. She is currently enrolled in the National Midwifery Institute with the intention of becoming a CPM. Mariah is passionate about the rites of passage that are initiated around pregnancy, birth and the  postpartum periods. She is active in supporting the education of reproductive health, rights and advocacy within communities. Supporting to bring the power of childbirth back into the hands of the birthing person, their family and community. She birthed both of her daughters, Indie and Isla, at home.

Contact info for Mariah here 

Bonnie Slater

Postpartum Support

What a honor it has been to have worked with families since 1996 while raising my own kids. Supporting the birthing and post partum family is sacred and precious role. I see each family as unique and listen to their personal needs and desires. Mothering the mother is very important as it lays a foundation for the next generation.

Contact info for Bonnie here.

Kerstin April 

Birth & Postpartum Support

Hi I’m Kerstin.  I’m a Matrona Foundation student studying quantum midwifery, an ocean voyaging sailor, and a homebirth abroad mama.  Maui has been my homeport since 2010.  I offer pregnancy, birth, and postpartum support island wide. It’s truly an honor and privilege to be invited into the most sacred, intimate, and transformative event of a woman’s lifetime. I’m here to support the mamas creating and growing families to birth their babies in peace and power, on their own terms, as the authority of their body, their birth, and their baby.  And I’m here to support the dads in their journey to becoming the protector of the sacred birthing space.  My own birth experience instilled in me the belief that peace on earth begins with birth. Let’s chat about your dream birth and see if we feel aligned to walk this path together.

Contact info for Kerstin here.

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