Pacific Birth Collective

island of Maui

Pacific Birth Collective

Island of Maui

Pacific Birth Collective

  Island of Maui



To provide birth, wellness and sexuality education to the community, including programs and workshops for high risk populations, under-served populations and teen.

To provide high quality training and educational opportunities for professionals working with families during the childbearing year.

To offer community conversations and education (Village Meetings)


A structure for island wide professionals (including, but not limited to, midwives, OB’s nurses, doulas, massage therapists, family therapists, acupuncturists, lactation consultants, photographers, etc.) to network, share and connect with regular meetings, trainings, online directory and working committees.

A structure for island families to create community and connect to resources and services and to actively engage in improving birth and wellness choices on Maui.


A structure to advocate for birth and wellness choices in our local hospital system, as well as legislation concerning options in birth in Maui County and Statewide. A platform to house and promote the voice of the community’s needs.

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