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Education, support and advocacy for birth and wellness choices across Hawai'i

Community Birth Project  

Providing access to pregnancy, birth, & postpartum support to Maui families.

  • Are you a family in need of birth or postpartum support? 
  • Can you demonstrate financial or circumstantial need?

This program connects Maui families with birth and postpartum doula services, midwifery care, and lactation support.

Currently, this program provides supplemental support for two of each types of grant (midwifery care, doula care, and lactation support).   

How it Works 

Applications are accepted during the first three weeks of every month. In the final week, the application will close and all families are notified of acceptance or non-acceptance. 


Families apply directly to Pacific Birth Collective and if granted, choose from a list of providers below for care. Families are required to fill out a pre- and post-survey and to sign a contract. Support is limited to one service per family. Families can apply more than once if not granted. 

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Maui fire impact (including displacement and job loss)
  2. Financial need
  3. Extenuating circumstances

Grant Amount

Grants consist of $100 per visit for lactation & pelvic floor therapy (up to three visits), $1000 for doula care, and $2000 for midwifery care. Since costs for midwifery care are more than the grant covers, this grant works as a supplementary scholarship and the applicant will need to pay any remainders as determined by the practitioner. 


Upon completion of care, PBC pays the practitioners directly for services provided.

Types of Care

  • Doula
  • Midwife / Pale Keiki
  • Cultural Practitioner
  • Lactation Support

Doula (Birth & Postpartum)

A doula is a professional labor assistant who provides physical and emotional support for pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. There are typically two types: 

  • Birth Doula: A birth doula helps birthing people prepare for childbirth and attends labor to support the mother and partner if one is present.  Birth doulas are not medical professionals and do not perform medical assessments or procedures, and attend births at the hospital or at home with a midwife present. 

  • Postpartum Doula: A postpartum doula does not accompany labor but instead cares for families family during the postpartum period with things like meal preparation, caring for the mother, caring for the infant and any siblings, and nursing assistance. 

Midwife / Pale Keiki

A midwife or pale keiki is a healthcare provider who is an expert in pregnancy, childbirth, newborn care, and postpartum health. They tend to be more holistic and supportive of natural approaches to pregnancy and birth. Midwives are trained to give physical, emotional, and practical support during childbirth. People often choose a midwife when they want to give birth at home. They can do prenatal care, order tests, provide education on nutrition and lactation, attend births, and care for the mother and infant after birth. 

Lactation Support 

Lactation support is given by professionals who have specialized training in breastfeeding. They help mothers establish good milk supply, offer guidance on nursing positions, and give advice on latching and pumping. Some lactation experts are IBCLCs, which stands for International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. 

Pelvic Floor Therapy (Physical Therapy)

Pelvic floor therapy aims to address issues like pelvic pain, low back pain, prolapse issues, constipation, urinary leakage, excessive urge with urination, and bowel problems. Pregnancy and birth, whether vaginal or cesarean, can cause a range of issues that many women struggle with postpartum. PVT can prevent future issues such as prolapse, pain with sex, and bowel dysfunction through targeted exercises, manual therapy, and education.

Cultural Practitioner

A cultural practitioner offering is a professional trained via the apprentice model on supporting women and families through the rites of pregnancy and postpartum with a focus on incorporating cultural wisdom, such as protocol, lomilomi, and laʻau lapaʻau, into practice. They give physical, emotional, spiritual, and practical support.  

Meet your community birth professionals: 

Education, Support, and Advocacy for Birth and Wellness Choices Across Hawai'i

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