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Education, support and advocacy for birth and wellness choices across Hawai'i

Abortion Resources


Abortion is legal in Hawaii with some restrictions. Right now, abortion is legal in Hawaii until "viability," the stage of pregnancy when a fetus has developed enough that it is able to survive outside the uterus with medical help. When it happens depends on how the fetus is developing and can be different for every pregnancy. This is typically interpreted as up to 17 weeks. A health care provider can determine whether a pregnancy has reached viability. Although Hawaii allows abortion until viability, some providers stop offering abortion earlier in pregnancy. There is no waiting period in Hawaii. If you are beyond 17 weeks, you can still reach out to Planned Parenthood to discuss your options. 

Parental involvement is not required in Hawaii. If you're younger than 18, you can consent to an abortion and do not have to notify a parent to get an abortion in Hawaii.


There are two main methods of abortion: the abortion pill (also called medication abortion), offered through 13 weeks of pregnancy, and an abortion procedure (also called in-clinic abortion), offered throughout pregnancy. Whether you have a medication abortion or the abortion procedure will depend on how far along you are in pregnancy, what’s available at the health center where you choose to get an abortion, and also your own preference. 

Some people get abortion care via telehealth or by buying abortion pills directly online. Abortion procedures happen safely at hospitals, at doctors’ offices, and at health centers. Even though it’s sometimes called a “surgical abortion,” the abortion procedure doesn’t usually happen in an operating room. 

Providers on Maui

Planned Parenthood

140 Ho'ohana Street, Suite 303 Maui
Kahului, HI 96732


You can privately and easily book your appointment online for select services 24/7. For the full set of services, call 800-769-0045 to book your appointment.

What they offer:

  • Support and information
  • Abortion pill (medication abortion) up to 11 weeks
  • Surgical abortion offered up until 17 and 6 days 
  • In-clinic abortion
  • Pre- and post-abortion patient education
  • Post-abortion follow-up exams
  • Referrals for other abortion services, as needed
  • Sedation options (medication to make the abortion more comfortable)
Cost: Covered by Medicaid as well as most other insurance. f you don’t have insurance and need help paying for your abortion, call them. They may be able to help you with financial assistance.
Without insurance the cost is $850 and additional cost if Rhogam is needed.


Aid Access 

Requires a Hawaii mailing address. Can be accessed through 12 weeks, 6 days of pregnancy 

Malama Pregnancy Center
This is a "pregnancy crisis center." They do not perform or refer for abortions. They do offer post abortion support. 

On Oahu

(If further along in pregnancy)

Women’s Option Center
Phone number: 808-203-6561
Offers surgical abortions up to 20 weeks.

Support Groups: Online and by Phone

Exhale - Exhale is the nation’s premiere organization addressing the emotional health and well-being of individuals after abortion. Founded in 2000 by and for those who have had abortions, we provide and promote emotional support across a dynamic landscape of private and public spaces, online and offline.

All Options - All-Options (formerly Backline) uses direct service and social change strategies to promote unconditional, judgment-free support for people in all of their decisions, feelings, and experiences with pregnancy, parenting, abortion, and adoption. We recognize that these issues are complex, but one thing is certain: Everyone deserves to have all options!

Connect & Breathe
(1-866-647-1764) -
Tuesdays 6pm-9pm ET, Thursdays 6pm-9pm ET, Saturday 10am-2pm ET
At Connect & Breathe we know finding the right person to talk to after having had an abortion may be difficult. We are here to listen. Whether your abortion occurred yesterday or years ago, our goal is to help you feel connected in a positive way with your decision and find peace.Connect & Breathe provides a talk-line staffed by people trained to listen and help you find peace. We trust you and your choice. We can help by simply listening or providing you with other resources in your area – both religious and non-religious – who can also help you connect with your decision in a way that affirms you.

Faith Aloud
Faith Aloud wants every woman to feel confident and happy after her decision. We want every woman to feel supported. We believe that women are good, created in the image of God, and able to make difficult decisions. We believe this power to make personal decisions is good and given to us by God. Many women feel judged by people around them who want them to feel badly about their difficult life choices. We will not burden you with moral judgments about your pregnancy and choices. We will listen to your needs and concerns, help you explore all possible choices and will honor your decisions. We want to offer you an opportunity for candid dialogue
about your experience and provide the support you need to move forward in a healthy way. Our specially trained counselors are clergy and religious counselors: Roman Catholic, Jewish, Unitarian-Universalist, Protestant Christian, and Buddhist. Persons of no particular religious faith are equally welcome to receive our services. All counselors have the minimum of a Master’s degree that includes theological training and have also completed specialized training in pregnancy options and abortion counseling.

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Education, Support, and Advocacy for Birth and Wellness Choices Across Hawai'i

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