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Alysha Higgins, Embodied Motherhood Doula, Postpartum Care, Dance, and Healing Arts


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Embodied Motherhood Doula, Postpartum Care, Dance, and Healing Arts
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Makawao, In home services
Communities Served
  • Maui, Upcountry - (Makawao, Pukalani, Kula)
Credentials and Licences
CAPPA doula trained and Long Beach Birthworkers of Color member
Services Offered
  • Birth Doula
  • Childbirth Education
  • Nutrition and Herbs
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Postpartum Doula
  • Yoga
I am a birth doula providing support before and during birth. I also offer postpartum support to mothers whether through childcare, meal prep, laundry, cleaning, infant care, etc. I offer traditional lomi lomi massage. I am also a dancer and do a weekly workshop series with a group of new mothers called "Embodied Motherhood." This includes dance, yoga, meditation, and community.
... A little more about me
Alysha is a mother of two beautiful kids. Her personal experience with two of the best midwives in Los Angeles has given her a great and deeply lived education in pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and the innate birthing process. Her experience having a home birth with her son as well as birth in the hospital setting after complications with her first pregnancy has give her great perspective on the birthing process in all its possibilities. She has been trained twice, and is currently a CAPPA doula-in-training as well as a trainee with the Long Beach Birth workers of Color Collective. Her approach to birth work is to use deep intuition and to help guide the mother to her most empowered self, affirming her needs and helping to work through blocks that may impede the birth process. She is currently undergoing training as a postpartum care doula. Alysha Higgins is also a dance artist and teacher, dance ethnologist, substitute teacher, and Fulbright scholar. She views all that she does through the art of healing. She believes deeply that movement and intention is healing. Her Indo-Trinidadian roots influence her dance but also her roots as an LA native. Alysha is also a strong advocate for mothers and new mothers- their need for support not only during the birthing process but also during the postpartum period and beyond. She believed in communal care and centering the transition and rite of passage into motherhood as a time to celebrate the rise of the mother into her new role. She strives to help mothers reclaim themselves, and evolve and expand into their next level selves. In addition, Alysha will be teaching a weekly dance series "Embodied Motherhood" open to an intimate group of mothers which will take place via Zoom in the near future. So stay tuned for some mama moving and grooving classes. Much Love!
Current Classes and Groups
Embodied Motherhood dance classes Wednesdays on Zoom. Check my instagram @alyshawomandala for details!
Rates for Services
Birth Doula: Sliding Scale $500-$1000 for comprehensive care (hospital birth +$200)
Postpartum Care: $30-40/hr
E/M Dance Workshops: via Zoom Sliding Scale $5-$15/ class

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