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Education, Support, and Advocacy for Birth and Wellness Choices Across Hawai'i

Bonnie Slater, Doulas of Maui


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  • Maui, Island Wide
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Birth doula and postpartum doula
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  • Birth Assistant
  • Birth Doula
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  • Postpartum Doula
Being a birth doula since 1997 has been more than a career, it has also an incredible lifestyle. Witnessing the miracle of birth frequently and getting to be an integral part of the communities I have lived is a blessing. I am in extreme gratitude to my clients for allowing me to join them for one of the most vulnerable and special experiences of their lives. I am available for both hospital and home births births as well as postpartum care. Women helping women in many ways creates waves of empowerment for everyone involved. Passing the torch of my career to new new doulas is very fulfilling for me, a dream come true. Please join us for connection, community and fun while learning new skills and meeting new friends.
... A little more about me
I have lived between Boulder Colorado and Maui Hawaii for 18 years. I attended births as a doula in Maui in 2007/8 and the rest of my 2 + decade career has been in Boulder. I permanently moved back to Maui in the chaos of 2020. I am thrilled to be on Maui again and give thanks daily. My life on Maui includes volunteering on a turtle rescue team, cleaning up reefs and beaches, boating with friends, hiking and simply being in awe of the beauty that surrounds us. My two children live on the continent and I am happy to say that today they are both thriving and blooming into amazing 20 something year olds. My top values are health, non-violent communication, trust and authenticity. Call me anytime to talk story, I love talking on the phone.
Current Classes and Groups
Offering hospital birth, home birth and postpartum services for the island of Maui. Teaching birth doula trainings 1-3 times a year.
Rates for Services
Sliding scale.
When did you start working in Hawaii?
15 May 2020

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