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Midwifery Legislation URGENT

  • 30 Jan 2020
  • 9:30 AM
  • PLACE: Conference Room 229 State Capitol 415 South Beretania Street

Pacific Birth Collective supports inclusive birthing practices across the state of Hawaii. Here is a Bill recommending key Edits to a Bill that passed last year derived from the recommendations of a Task Force put together by our legislature to address the voices of those Midwives and traditional practices that have the potential for exclusion from legal protection under Hawaii Law. 

One of the key points in these Amendments is that they specify the term “Licensed Midwife” or LM as a distinguishing title without regulating or making illegal the use of the term “Midwife” from other recognized Midwifery practitioners including “Traditional Midwives” who may not fall under the terms or scope of licensure as defined by the proposed law.

Here is a link to Review the Task Force Report

There is not consensus of support for any bill or measure related to the Licensure or Exemption of Midwives thus far across our state within the Birth Community.   Pacific Birth Collective supports the efforts of the Task Force to help address disparities and to find common ground among Midwives for the benefit and protection of safety, accessibility, and diversity in the practice of Midwifery in our state.  

As a community we hold our Midwives accountable for maintaining a high level of professionalism and mutual respect as they work together to uphold our rights as women to access wholistic, full scope midwifery care during our childbearing years that includes traditional and cultural practices not necessarily recognized by modern medical frameworks.   Please take the time to review the report and the current Bill and let your voices be heard! 

Legislation session is in full swing

The Home Birth Task Force has proposed a bill: SB2428 RELATING TO THE LICENSURE OF MIDWIVES.

It will be heard on Thursday 01/30/20 @ 9:30am

Come in person and wear red if you can. WE NEED LEGISLATORS TO SEE THE COMMUNITY IS SPEAKING!

Submit testimony online 24 hours before the hearing (by Wed 1/29 9:30am) 

The BEST way to submit testimony is by creating an account here:

ONLY if you CANNOT create an account, then you can EMAIL your

testimony to:

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